Tommy Chong: Legalize Marijuana To Improve U.S. Economy'

Those seven words were spoken in a similar manner to:"I had fish for lunch." , or, "I am going on vacation." It was matter of fact. What else was it that I heard in her voice?

However, before you go about self-medicating with marijuana, your best bet is to get a dentist. Much of discomforts and your pains with going to the dentist perhaps a testament to your own dentist's unprofessionalism. How do you go about trying to find a Huntington dentist without trial-and-error or any risk? Don't be a fool and feel that the dentist with the advertisment in the telephone book is the best. We now have the power of the internet. Feeling terrible pain? Let us know. We'll mark down who did it for you, and possibly even say"we told you so." But this isn't a laughing matter.

This might well be the greatest benefit of marijuana during chemotherapy. You need to be taking in enough calories for your body to fight a knockout post the cancer, to perform its normal functions, and to heal itself. Unless you can find a way to hold food down, it's a domino effect that is downhill. That way is provided by marijuana.

Ask your friends and family members. How many pills a day do you take? What does that cost? How much would it cost to grow a plant in your garden? How much profit would the pharmaceuticals and insurance companies make if you grow that plant in your garden? Would their profits turn to losses?

The nation's leader in capacity is California. The recreational marijuana state puts out 971 megawatts of solar capacity, New Jersey 293 megawatts, New York - wait for it- wait for it- a whopping 54 megawatts of solar capacity.

Kent Police returned the first part of 11-pounds of marijuana they seized from Matthew Zugsberger. A individual that is medical marijuana, zubsberger, had the medical marijuana seized after police found a scale visit this website and weed in his trunk.

Today, let's address a few have a peek here of the cat crap in American society's sandbox. This column won't be a battle with the users; that is NOT why I compose; the reason is mostly for the upright citizens of Portland, not its' users.

Gloria, who's openly gay, is the first LGBT mayor of a major U.S. city. He says he hasn't yet reached a decision whether or not to run for mayor in the upcoming special election on Nov. 19.

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